The Street Called Straight (TREDITION CLASSICS)

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In spite of the efforts of dozens to save her, Valora splintered to pieces. But time seems to honor its veterans: Valora would live to have another day. Owner Karl Frey found the means to rebuild. Stimson was clever to work in all sorts of new ideas: A carbon steel frame, epoxy coatings and particularly large and comfortable cockpits.

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One in front. One in back. Making the new Valora ready to go back to Day Charter duty in the Vineyard. This serious racer blasted through the waters in the northeast, and back and forth across the Atlantic into the s. She was originally built of traditional materials like mahogany. This builder cleverly integrated all sorts of sensible, modern innovations. Of note, Nyala features upgraded fittings, a modified rudder position, new lines, lighting and interior design. But the real story is in the build.

Take a look at this excellent time-lapse video , that breaks down how the computer cut molds, composite fiber overlay, and the laminate deck planking were shaped, sanded, finished and then flipped. Sweet Myrrh: This little cutie jumped out at us for her cutting-edge design, straight from ! Also of interest is her construction method called Consuta.

The technique is an early version of stitch and glue fabrication that layers mahogany planks sewn together with copper wire. Sweet Myrrh was completely rebuilt by Hendwood and Dean , in Oxfordshire, just west of London, this past year, with no drawings for designs. They simply recreated her with just the right modern touches.

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Including an all-electric power plant. Not bad for a year-old classic runabout. All in all, the perfect geometry for this type of knife.

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Also, it comes well past shaving sharp from the factory. However, as we note in our main review below, many left handed users actually like the handle layout. Read our comprehensive review below or check out prices and reviews on Amazon now. The Wusthof Classic would be ideal for those who sharpen their knives or send them off to a sharpening service in the western manner, using western sharpening techniques.

No need to invest in expensive water stones or learn a new skill set with this one. The Wusthof is also ambidextrous, and unlike the Shun, it can be used by right and left handers equally well. From Shun, makers of fine Japanese kitchen knives, we have this strikingly handsome Chinese-style vegetable cleaver. From their Classic line of fine kitchen knives, it features the elegant watermark design of Damascus cladding on both sides of the traditional tall, square profile.

The high carbon, fully clad blade is tough and strong with a seriously sharp edge, and all components contribute to form an elite cutting tool. The beautiful blade is constructed with a core of proprietary high-carbon, high-performance VG-MAX super steel. The core is protected with 34 layers of stainless steel Damascus cladding on each side for a total of 68 layers , which is then ground and bead-blasted.

It also contains chromium for wear and corrosion resistance, cobalt to enhance strength, and tungsten for a fine-grained steel to create a superbly fine and sharp edge. And all of this is hardened to a rating of on the Rockwell Hardness Scale. We found that the Shun was by far the sharpest out of the box and sliced through a carrot with very little resistance.

Moveover, the Shun has the perfect blade shape for tool of this design. It has an extemely flat belly with a sharp curve up toward the tip.

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Most of the blade is able to lay flat on the cutting board at any given time. This is the proper blade profile for a useful Chinese vegetable cleaver. For lefties, the ridge provides a spot to rest the fingertips in a pinch grip, and this configuration provides the same benefits of stability and control.

The handle is also fitted with a full tang and stainless steel bolster, which gives even greater control along with superb balance.

And a stainless steel end cap on the heel finishes it all off. This high-quality cutlery line is used by professional chefs and home-based cooks alike, and this model is NSF certified for use in commercial kitchens as well. Shun recommends hand washing and prompt drying to keep the blade sharp and in pristine condition. Weekly honing with a ceramic or non-ribbed steel, or a leather strop, will help to maintain a sharp edge.

You just have to pay for shipping.

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The blade measures 7. Suitable for cutting vegetables and fruit, this knife is not meant to be used on bones of any size, lobster shells, or for cutting through joints. If you do so, you run the very probable risk of chipping the sharp, hard cutting edge. The following comments are a compilation of the most common remarks from verified shoppers at Amazon. The Shun Classic vegetable cleaver gets high grades for extreme sharpness, effortless cutting, and beautiful balance.

With an ultra-sharp edge, it admirably performs a variety of cutting duties such as slicing, mincing, and dicing with the entire length of the blade. It handles cutting through large items like cabbage and melons with ease, and any cutting motion is smooth and fluid. Sharp from tip to heel, the blade is thin and light, with great maneuverability for such a large surface.

It also holds a keen edge very well, even with daily use. The Classic vegetable cleaver is well balanced, and the handle provides a comfortable and secure grip for all cutting actions. At the time of this writing, the only common complaint is from those who have chipped or broken the blade when attempting to cut through bone against the advice of the manufacturer. With its fine craftsmanship, light weight, slim spine, and keen edge, the Shun Classic vegetable cleaver does most of the work — you just need to guide it along for effortless cutting. It offers excellent dexterity for dainty cutting and slicing tasks, and can be wielded with speed and accuracy thanks to the unique VG-MAX steel composition — which provides a superbly sharp and efficient edge that will retain its sharpness for long periods, even with heavy daily use.

Check prices and read more reviews on Amazon now.

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Please note that this is a vegetable knife with a high-carbon stainless steel blade — do not use it on bones or any tough materials. Hand wash in warm, soapy water, rinse, and dry promptly. It arrived adequately sharp from the factory but we were able to take it to a keener edge after we conducted our chopping tests.

Or it can be taken your local neighborhood sharpening service with no worries. The following comments reflect the most common remarks from verified purchasers at Amazon. While there are only a handful of reviews at this time, the Asian Precision gets full marks from all reviewers. Their Chinese vegetable knife from the Asian Precision line is manufactured in Japan using Japanese steel and craftsmanship.

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Check prices and read customer comments on Amazon now. Zhen has been producing knives in Taiwan since the early s, and uses only imported Japanese VG steel for all of their blades — which creates extremely sharp knives designed for fine, detailed cutting. Constructed of high-grade Japanese steel, this knockoff brand known for producing copies from the pros may lack originality, but they do a good job of copying the successful designs of others. Super sharp with a long-lasting edge, the Zhen is light, agile, and highly functional for all slicing and chopping duties.

And with the high quality of the construction and steel used, it would be hard to find equal value for a lower price. Their 6.