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If you have 7-days or more why not visit one of these far-flung locations:. By adding an extra day or two to your holiday you can get away more often. Visit neighboring places or regions See more of the world and visit neighboring regions. Thailand is a popular destination but instead of just spending a week in Thailand why not visit Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia. Work trips If your job enables you to do some international travel then why not plan your break around these trips.

Source: Maryse Mignott, for ExclusiveLondon. Looking for fresh air, green surroundings and countless outdoor adventures? Well, look no further as Switzerland offers a lot of activities and landscapes to its visitors. From hiking to adventure sports, snowboarding to skiing, you will be spoilt for choice. When to go: If you are visiting Swtizerland for a city break then you would be wise to visit between June and September so you can avoid the rainfall.

This classically Swiss scenery is truly breath taking. Snow-topped mountains sit side-by-side with luscious green grass patterned with tiny yellow flowers. Whether you are a professional or amateur photographer you wont have a difficult time building a beautiful collection of photographs for your holiday album. Montreux A popular destination for renowned artists, writers and musicians including Lord Byron, the Shelleys and Frank Zappa , Montreux is a peaceful lakeside resort that still attracts many visitors today.

Enjoy peaceful walks by the Swiss Riviera or take a trip to one of the wineries to sample the regional wines. If you are visiting Montreux for the music then make sure you attend one of the most famous jazz festivals in the world. The Montreux Jazz Festival has been running for over 40 years and lasts about two weeks.

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Zurich Visit Zurich for its trendy bars and clubs. The medieval old town also offers an impressive panoramic view of the Alps, lake and city. Feeling adventurous? Lausanne If art culture is at the heart of you then make sure you take a trip to the second largest city on Lake Geneva, Lausanne, where you will have you pick of museums and galleries. Mount Pilatus Explore Mt. Pilatus by taking a cable car from the city close to Lucerne and travel to the top of the mountain where you will find yourself looking out over the Swiss Alps.

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Untouched by pollution you wont find a view much purer than this. CHF has strengthened dramatically following the removal of the floor with the Euro at 1. Currently the Swiss Franc is at its strongest level against the pound since September Is it CHF closely linked to any of the major currencies? Up until the actions taken by the Swiss National Bank to remove the floor with the Euro at 1. On the morning of the removal of the cap both the Euro and the Franc were at their highest levels against the Pound for 4 years. If the cap had not been removed then we could have also seen the Pound at a 7 year high against the Franc, which is where it is with the Euro.

Simplifying Las Vegas: How I Prepare for a Trip to Vegas

How did recent changes impact the currency value going forward? The recent changes have caused some major fluctuations on the Swiss Franc currency without any clear direction on where the Franc's value could be going. We have put together a guide of a few breathtaking destinations around the world. From Batu Caves to Igloo Village, make sure you get the most out of your holiday in These are the hidden holiday spots you will want to know about.

Igloo Village, Lapland. Watch the Northern lights and starry sky from the comfort of your own glass-topped igloo. Despite freezing arctic temperatures, you can keep warm amid the beautiful scenery without missing a thing. Red Forest, Cantabria, Spain.

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As we all know Spain is a hugely popular tourist destination. Seville, Madrid, and Barcelona are some of the destinations we flock to year after year. Pay a visit to The Red Forest and you wont be disappointed. The scent of wildflowers and sea air yes we said sea is something no other part of Spain can offer you. Get the best of both worlds. Need a beach? Cantabria has some of the best beaches in Spain. Believe it or not, this beach used to be a residential dumping ground.

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Where is it? Mount Rainier National Park. Encased by meadows of wildflowers and wildlife, the Mount Rainier Park in Washington is a traditional kind of beauty. This vast historic forest has six winding rivers and an active glacial volcano that sits over thousand feet above sea level. From bicycling, to camping, climbing, fishing and hiking, you wont get bored of things to do. Kawachi Fuji Garden, Japan. You can enjoy walking through the Wisteria Flower tunnel as you see and smell the 20 shades and species of flowers.

This is a very different take on the city of Japan and is worth a day trip to see. The best time to visit this fairy tale setting is in April as it only looks this majestic when the flowers are in full bloom. Already seen it?

Tunnel of Love, Kleven, Ukraine. The Tunnel of Love has had quite a lot of media attention in the last year. This three-kilometre railway line attracts couples and photographers all over the world. But with such a spectacular setting, you can hardly blame them. Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Angkor Wat is the largest, best-preserved architectural masterpiece in Cambodia. Built in the 12th Century it took an estimated years to complete.

The acre site is one of the largest religious monuments in the world and reflects the true Khmer Empire of the time. Batu Caves, Malaysia. Hidden Beach, Marieta Islands, Mexico. Looking for a hidden paradise? Look no further as this beautiful beach has it all. Crystal-clear water lined with white sand, this beach is enclosed beneath the landline, with only the sky looking on. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany. Regarded as one of the most visited castles in Germany, the Neuschwanstein Castle sits upon a fairytale backdrop of picturesque beauty.

Built in 19th Century Bavaria, the castle overlooks the Hohenschwangau valley. Do you recognise it? The fairytale look of the Neuschwanstein castle inspired Walt Disney to create the most famous and charming castle loved by children and adults across the world. Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan. Planted with millions of tulips, daffodils and Bassia scoparia to name a few , the Hitachi Seaside Park transforms from baby blue in spring to a deep blood red in autumn.

Mendenhall Ice Caves, Alaska. Take the trip of a lifetime and visit Alaska to view the ice caves beneath the glacier. An experience that not many get the chance to take, this ice cave will let you view Alaska from a whole new standpoint. Antelope Canyon, USA. This breathtaking canyon is a photographers and sightseers dream.

Located a few miles east of Page in Arizona, on the Utah border. These two natural attractions are probably the most photographed sandstone canyons in Arizona. The upper and lower canyons are side-by-side but offer different views to its visitors. One is referred to as the Crack and the other, the Corkscrew because of the winding paths created by years of nature making its mark.

Originally carved by water the canyons are visited by tourists from around the world.

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Visit the canyons at midday and capture the light and shadows fight for space.