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Charlie is now 10 years old and her brother Cullen is now 6. Corll's parents attempted reconciliation and remarried in , subsequently moving to Pasadena , Texas ; however, the reconciliation was short-lived and, in , the couple once again divorced, with the mother again retaining custody of her two sons. Their divorce was decreed on amicable grounds and both boys maintained regular contact with their father.

Following the second divorce, Corll's mother married a traveling clock salesman named Jake West and the family moved to the small town of Vidor , where Corll's half-sister, Joyce, was born in From the earliest days of the family candy business, Corll was working day and night while still attending school. This route often involved West traveling to Houston, where much of the product was sold.

Why this Trucker is being charged with HOMICIDE

From to , Corll attended Vidor High School , where he was regarded as a well-behaved student who achieved satisfactory grades. As had been the case in his childhood, Corll was also considered somewhat of a loner, although he is known to have occasionally dated girls in his teenage years. Corll graduated from Vidor High School in the summer of In a logistical move shortly thereafter, he and his family moved to the northern outskirts of Houston so that the family candy business could be closer to the city where the majority of their product was sold.

Corll's family opened a new shop, which they named Pecan Prince [14] in reference to the brand name of the family product. In , at the request of his mother, Corll moved to Indiana to live with his widowed grandmother. Corll lived in Indiana for almost two years, but returned to Houston in to help with his family's candy business, which by this date had moved to Houston Heights. He later moved into an apartment of his own above the shop. Corll's mother divorced Jake West in and opened a new candy business, which she named 'Corll Candy Company'; her eldest son was appointed as vice-president of the new family firm, [16] with his younger brother Stanley being appointed secretary-treasurer.

According to official military records, Corll's period of service in the army was unblemished. Reportedly, Corll divulged to some of his close acquaintances after his release from the United States Army that it was during his period of service that he had first realized that he was homosexual , and had experienced his first homosexual encounters. Other acquaintances noted subtle changes in Corll's mannerisms when in the company of teenage males after he had completed his service in the army and returned to Houston, which led them to believe he may have been homosexual.

Following his honorable discharge from the army, Corll returned to Houston Heights and resumed the position he had held as vice-president of his family's candy business. As had been the case in his teenage years, Corll increased the number of hours he devoted to the candy business to satisfy an increasing demand for his family's product. Corll was known to give free candy to local children, [19]: As a result of this behavior, he earned himself the nicknames the Candy Man and the Pied Piper. The company employed a small work force, and he was seen to behave flirtatiously toward several teenage male employees.

In , Corll befriended year-old David Owen Brooks, [13] then a bespectacled sixth grade student and one of the many children to whom he gave free candy. Brooks initially became one of Corll's many youthful close companions; the youth regularly socialized with Corll and various teenage boys who congregated at the rear of the candy company.

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He also joined Corll on the regular trips he took to south Texas' beaches in the company of various youths, and later harked to the fact that Corll was the first adult male who did not mock his appearance. Beginning in , [27] Corll paid Brooks in cash or with gifts to allow him to perform fellatio on the youth. In , when he was 15, Brooks dropped out of Waltrip High School [25] and moved to Beaumont to live with his mother.

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Whenever he visited his father in Houston, he also visited Corll, who allowed him to stay at his apartment if he wished to. Later the same year, Brooks moved back to Houston and, by his own later admission, began regarding Corll's apartment as his second home.

Police interview video shows 7-year-old girl describing mom's murder - ABC News

By the time Brooks dropped out of high school, Corll's mother and Joyce, his half-sister, had moved to Colorado after the failure of her third marriage and the closure of the family candy company in June Following the closure of the candy company, Corll took a job as an electrician at the Houston Lighting and Power Company , where he tested electrical relay systems. Between and , Corll is known to have killed a minimum of 28 victims.


All of his victims were males aged 13 to 20, the majority of whom were in their mid-teens. Most victims were abducted from Houston Heights, which was then a low-income neighborhood northwest of downtown Houston. With most abductions, he was assisted by one or both of his teenaged accomplices: Several victims were friends of either or both of Corll's accomplices; others were individuals with whom Corll had himself become acquainted prior to their abduction and murder, [13] [33] and two other victims, Billy Baulch and Gregory Malley Winkle, were former employees of the Corll Candy Company.

Corll's victims were usually lured into either one of the two vehicles he owned a Ford Econoline van and a Plymouth GTX [25] or a Chevrolet Corvette [36] he is known to have purchased for David Brooks in early This enticement was typically an offer of a party or a lift, and the victim would be driven to his house. Once manacled, the victims would be sexually assaulted , beaten, tortured and—sometimes after several days—killed by strangulation or shooting with a. Their bodies were then tied in plastic sheeting [40] and buried in one of four places: In several instances, Corll forced his victims to either phone or write to their parents with explanations for their absences in an effort to allay the parents' fears for their sons' safety.

During the years in which he abducted and murdered his victims, Corll often changed addresses. Corll killed his first known victim, an year-old college freshman, Jeffrey Konen, on September 25, Konen vanished while hitchhiking with another student from the University of Texas to his parents' home in Houston.

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Corll likely offered Konen a lift to his parents' home, which Konen evidently accepted. At the time of Konen's disappearance, Corll lived in an apartment on Yorktown Street, near the intersection with Westheimer Road. Forensic scientists subsequently deduced that the youth had died of asphyxiation caused by manual strangulation and a cloth gag that had been placed in his mouth. The naked body was buried beneath a large boulder, [49] covered with a layer of lime , wrapped in plastic and bound hand and foot, suggesting he had been violated.

Stabbed Over Parking: Trucker Charged With Attempted Murder -

About the time of Konen's murder, David Brooks interrupted Corll in the act of sexually assaulting two teenage boys whom he Corll had strapped to a four-poster bed. Both youths were tied to opposite sides of Corll's torture board and subsequently raped, strangled and buried in a boat shed Corll had rented on November Six weeks after the double murder of Glass and Yates, on January 30, , Brooks and Corll encountered two teenage brothers, Donald and Jerry Waldrop, walking toward their parents' home.

Between March and May , Corll abducted and killed three victims; all of whom lived in Houston Heights and all of whom were buried toward the rear of the rented boat shed. In each of these abductions, Brooks is known to have been a participant. One of these three victims, year-old Randell Harvey, was last seen by his family on the afternoon of March 9 cycling towards Oak Forest , [56] where he worked part-time as a gas station attendant.

Harvey was driven to Corll's Mangum Road apartment, where he was subsequently killed by a single gunshot to the head. As had been the case with parents of other victims of Corll, both sets of parents launched a frantic search for their sons. One of the youths who voluntarily offered to distribute posters the parents had printed offering a reward for information leading to the boys' whereabouts was year-old Elmer Wayne Henley—a lifelong friend of Hilligiest.

The youth pinned the reward posters around the Heights and attempted to reassure Hilligiest's parents that there may be an innocent explanation for the boys' absence. A truck driver has been arrested after stabbing a man to death who was Coleshill, Warwickshire, after arresting a year-old lorry driver on suspicion or murder.. Murder, paralysis, cheating, drinking and assault: the world of country a CB radio talking to truckers because he misses his dead trucker daddy.

The real shocker is the end when Mama Teddy Bear gets home to a pile of. Brooks persuaded Haney to attend a party at an address Corll had moved to on San Felipe Street the previous month. In September , Corll moved to another apartment in the Heights: David Brooks later stated he had assisted Corll in the abduction and murder of two youths during the time Corll resided at this address, including one youth who was killed "just before Wayne Henley came into the picture. But the man I love when he picks up trash he puts it in a garbage can.

The pegboard walls inside the rear of the van were rigged with several rings and hooks. Instead of calling the police, she gets on the CB herself and thanks the truckers for their generosity. We do not have any tags for Papa Loved Mama lyrics.

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Retrieved April 14,. The identity of both of these two victims remains unknown. Henley likely was lured to Corll's address as an intended victim. Henley later stated that, for several months, he completely ignored Corll's offer. However, in early , he decided to accept the offer because he and his family were in dire financial circumstances.

Henley said the first abduction he participated in occurred during the time Corll resided at Schuler Street; an address Corll moved to in February Brooks later claimed that Henley became involved in the abductions while Corll resided at the address he had occupied immediately prior to Schuler Street. If Henley's statement is to be believed, the victim was abducted from the Heights in February or early March In the statement Henley gave to police following his arrest, the youth stated he and Corll picked up "a boy" at the corner of 11th and Studewood, [65] and lured him to Corll's home on the promise of smoking some marijuana with the pair.

At Corll's residence—using a ruse he and Corll had prepared—Henley cuffed his own hands behind his back, freed himself with a key hidden in his back pocket, then duped the youth into donning the handcuffs before observing Corll bind and gag him. Henley then left the youth alone with Corll, believing he was to be sold into the sexual slavery ring.

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The identity of this victim is not conclusively known, although it is possible the youth was Willard Branch, a year-old Oak Forest youth known to both Corll and Henley who disappeared on February 9, , and whose emasculated body was found buried in the boat shed. XPO said that according to its records, by 6 a. Romero had made it to two of the five post offices on his list.