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Oh, wait? Didn't you realize that Pearson was a lawyer all of this time? It gets even better: he was a judge yes, you read that part correctly.

Pearson lost his job in You probably won't be surprised to learn that he sued for wrongful termination in federal district court and lost and then appealed the case was dismissed. He practiced as a sole practitioner for a few years after and has since worked as a contract attorney at various law firms.

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Pearson's license remains active, according to the D. Last year, Pearson was officially notified that he was the subject of ethics charges.

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A hearing committee also recommended that Pearson be required to inform his clients about the case and that he should not to participate in any instance of frivolous litigation. Pearson has denied the charges, calling the case a "slap stick, ludicrous and nightmarish reality. You can read the hearing committee report, which downloads as a pdf, here. The case now moves to the Board on Professional Responsibility, which will make recommendations to the final arbiter, the D. Court of Appeals. A suspension is a temporary hold on the right to practice law for a fixed period.

Typically, during a suspension, a lawyer cannot take on new clients and must not hold himself out as a lawyer - that also means not having contact with existing clients. For a practicing lawyer, that's a pretty big deal: it's a loss of income and, explains Jennifer Ellis, an ethics attorney at Lowenthal and Abrams , it can leave a potentially damaging virtual trail. It can also be expensive to respond to ethics charges.

An ethics complaint, says Ellis, has several components, sometimes including a formal hearing. Since the process can be complicated, most attorneys hire an attorney to help them through this process according to Ellis otherwise, they have a fool for a client, right?

Judge tosses $54 million suit over missing pants

As during his pants-capade, Pearson didn't retain an attorney to represent him during the ethics review not so far, at least. But if he had, he would have been able to deduct the expenses on his personal income taxes. That's not always true when it comes to legal matters. Typically, paying a lawyer for purely personal legal expenses is not deductible.

So if you hire a lawyer to defend an action against your neighbor for a creeping tree or if you retain a lawyer to get your kid out of jail for underage drinking, that's typically not going to result in a tax deduction. However, some legal expenses are deductible. Tax planning advice related to your income or income-producing property including estate planning related to tax planning as well some tax controversy work is typically deductible.

You can also deduct legal expenses that are related to either doing or keeping your job. And that's where Pearson would benefit: the ethics charges and the prior lawsuit involving the loss of his job would both be related to doing or keeping his job, which would make legal expenses deductible. He couldn't, however, deduct fees related to the pants suit yes, I'm going to keep saying it : that action was purely personal in nature.

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And yes, it stays personal even though he claimed that he needed the altered suits as part of his job clothing expenses are almost always personal, with few exceptions. Typically, deductible legal expenses would be lumped together with other job-related expenses and claimed as Job Expenses and Certain Miscellaneous Deductions on Schedule A: that means, you must itemize to claim the deduction. We are committed to developing products and services that minimise the impact of incontinence on people's everyday lives.

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Tearful Testimony in $54 Million Pants Lawsuit

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