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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. CD single inch single. MCA Geffen. Ultratop Les classement single. Media Control Charts. PhonoNet GmbH. Retrieved October 6, Single Top Top 40 Singles. Retrieved May 1, Geo Cities. Retrieved April 11, Singles Top Swiss Singles Chart.

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Hot Shot Ultramix Mr. Lover Lover: The Best of Shaggy Shaggy defense.

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Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Lover keep her rockin', Mr. Lover keep her rockin' Mr.

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Lover keep her rockin' and swing Now Mr. Lover keep her rockin' and swing.


Step in my caravan of love So I can love you down and give you hottub rubs Dem ever wet kisses wit' dem brazen hugs And lay your sweet, silky body on my Persian rug While we be sippin' cocoa from da same ol' mug And readin' fortune cookies from the Chinese grub It had some great stuff written in it with some cool rub-a-dub A little ol' reminisce in the hot tub, huh. Janet Shaggy : Mr. Lover Let's fog up some window sills, girl, uh Mr. Lover Catch a groove back girl, catch a groove Mr.

Songtext von Shaggy - Luv Me, Luv Me Lyrics

Girl, you're unique Now let me take a whiff of that sweet physique You're the only girl allowed to make my heart stop beatin' Let me, ha, ha, start lickin'? Lover Uh, yeah Mr. Lover Mr. Lover Let's fog up some window sills, baby.

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Shaggy Janet : The ladies still want me, hot like fire If you come wit' me, you, me, can retire Anytime you model girl, an instant fire Somehow your power with Tommy Hilfiger 'Nuff dat designer wan' know your name 'Nuff of dem a put your picture in a picture frame Wanna feel your body, man can't put no fame Some model, of mi girl, and go enjoy your fame.

Luv me, luv me, luv me, sex machine I'm guaranteed to make you moan and scream Luve me, luv me, luv me, sex machine I'm guaranteed to make you moan and scream Luv me, luv me, luv me, sex machine I'm guaranteed to make you moan and scream Luv me, luv me, luv me, sex machine Mr.

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Ooh boy I wanna tell this lady So just come on, 'cause I'm the original Cupid Ooh boy Whoo, just like a stick through the arrow Makin' us mate, ha, ha, ha. Ooh boy Yeah, whoo Ooh boy 'Cause I'm the ladies choice And the girls get moist for the sound of the baritone voice You get that, you get that Baby, lover Sexy undercover, uh, uh Mr. Lover, uh, check out, check out And I just love the way you just fog up my window sills, baby Yeah, ooh Ooh boy Ooh boy Let me know I ain't gonna use no glow-in-the-dark you know what It ain't hard to see, baby, whoo Ooh boy Swing low, swing low, whoo, swing low Ooh boy Lovin' all that, lovin' all that, shake it, baby, shake it Ooh boy Dig it, dig it, dig it, I dig it, I get it, I dig dat, I dig dat Ooh boy Lover, lover Lover, lover Sexy undercover Lover, lover Rauncy mutha, mmm mmm, no, no Check it out I'm spinnin' Lover, lover Whoo Ooh boy Catch a groove back girl, catch a groove back Let dem know dat Ooh boy I love this little funky beat Ooh boy Terry Lewis, Jimmy Jam said dat, uh Ooh boy Mr.

Lover Whoo Wicked undercover Mr. Lover I'll be your nighttime lover Mr. Lover Wicked undercover Mr.