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Let Me Count The Ways (Remastered 2010)

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    Let Me Count the Ways

    Panacea or panopticon? Communication Research, 21, - The poem was part of a sonnet sequence called Sonnets from the Portuguese. The title of the sequence is intentionally misleading; Barrett Browning implied to her readers that these were sonnets originally written by someone else in Portuguese and that she had translated them, whereas in reality they were her own original compositions in English. The sequence is comprised of 44 sonnets, with "How do I love thee?

    Most critics agree that Barrett Browning wrote the sonnets, not as an abstract literary exercise, but as a personal declaration of love to her husband, Robert Browning who was also an important Victorian poet. Perhaps the intimate origin of the sonnets is what led Barrett Browning to create an imaginary foreign origin for them. But whatever the original motives behind their composition and presentation, many of the sonnets immediately became famous, establishing Barrett Browning as an important poet through the 19th and 20th centuries. Phrases from Barrett Browning's sonnets, especially "How do I love thee?

    We'll be honest here: sometimes it can be hard to care about a sonnet, especially a really abstract one like this that isn't necessarily about specific people, places, or things. But there are a few reasons you should care about this poem. One of them is the same reason that you should care about shoelaces, cell phone towers, the President of the United States, and marshmallows: they're important parts of our world, pretty much everyone knows about them, and they have a major impact on things around you.