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Two nations and one war. Princess of Aerlion by perdida princesa19 26 11 9.

Andrea Kane – June 2006

Cartia's life, the Princess of Aerlion, changes as soon as her father is killed and her cousin Aillard begins to reign over her kingdom. Aillard's reign is different fro The Secret Attachment by Laura Katy Fairchild was brought to the small village of Wilshire at the tender age of nine to live with her distant relations, the Banes family. Brought up as a companion to Library of Alexandria by E.

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Born with a mind full of weapons, Alexandria believes she finally has escaped the war her inventions began, but a soldier stumbles across her doorway. Unable to turn the Everyone likes a good old fairy tale, just like Cinderella and her Prince Charming falling in love and living happily ever after. What if instead of a wicked stepmother Royal Regard by Mariana Gabrielle When Bella Holsworthy returns to England after fifteen years roaming the globe with her husband, an elderly diplomat, she quickly finds herself in a place more perilous Life in the country has become boring for Lucas Bywood after the departure of the lovely Miss Darkin.

His new friend, Mr.

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Simple enough, only once he meets vibrant, fiery and stunning Donella Logan has an inkling that his life may just change forever, and this is before they come face to face with kidnappers. This is a very cleverly written, richly detailed, entertaining and enjoyable story.

Overall, a fun, sexy and adventurous festive romance, that is far then just swooning debutantes and men in breeches not that there is anything wrong with breeches clad regency men ;-. Her books have been published in nine languages. You can find Vanessa at vanessakellyauthor. Tuesday, October 29 Review at Coffee and Ink. Saturday, November 2 Review at Fictitiouswonderland. You must be 18 or older to enter. For years she has worked secretly for the Home Office, and she has come to London with one purpose: foil the attempted kidnapping of a highly valuable target, identity unknown. Unwilling to give up her patriotic mission for marriage, Lucy is conflicted when she meets the enigmatic Lord Devonton.

She never expected to feel this way about a man again.

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I do love a good mystery thrown into a romance, and I have to say that Rachel Ann Smith has done a fabulous job at creating the mystery that runs through the story — and I am assuming into the next — she never lets up on the tension, the drama and it did keep me turning the pages. Lucy hates the prospect of having to endure yet another season, but she has a mission one that she can only achieve by being in the one place she hates the most amongst society and the ton. Blake — who I love — has returned to England after years of being away at war, our gorgeous Blake used to make maps for the foreign office and for the troops, but now he is back on home soil he suddenly needs a wife, he needs to sort out his estates after so long neglected and to help him in his challenge he needs a wife by his side.

I loved getting know Lucy and Blake, they are a brilliant couple, both ae hugely intelligent, independent and very engaging couple who you will instantly love and will on to their happily ever after. This is a spicy and intelligently written romance, that is full of mystery, I did hugely enjoy it, but as I said at the beginning of this review there are a lot of unanswered questions, there are certain parts of the story that really needed to be resolved, but I am assuming that all these questions and mysteries will be continued and answered throughout the series and if so it is going to be very cleverly written, only time will tell, but I am really looking forward to reading more.

This was an Arc copy from the author which I voluntarily reviewed, Thank you Rachel and huge apologies for the late review. I have been very excited about this book, it is the perfect Christmassy read to enjoy through these colder nights. So grab your hot chocolate and enjoy!

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But could his meeting with Emily Faulkner on the wild beaches be even more life changing? Emily Faulkner is happily living her quiet isolated life, in her little cottage by the sea. She would far rather life quietly away from prying eyes, away from the scandal that she is running from, and away from those who know about her fall from grace, which is why she chose the tiny fishing village of Porth Karreck, it is the perfect place to shrink into the background and start a new life.

A life away from society and away from men, she is happily settled into her little cottage, taking daily walks and swims while designing and making her jewellery her family are famed for, she is happy with her peaceful existence. Treeve can think of other places he would rather be than back in his home village, his heart has always been at sea and now after so many years away he feels like an outsider and knows that because he is in the Navy and not a regular fisherman like so many in the village he is looked upon with distrust and wariness.

But there are factors on both sides which prevents them from moving forward with their relationship, Emily has a secret that she is very unwilling to share and Treeve will be returning to the Navy after Christmas, can their love at first sight meeting really go the long haul? Rosenwyn Treleven; whom we met in the first story, is trying to distance herself from all men, trying to protect herself and her heart.

She is not going to have her heart broken again by a cad. As much as the twinkly-eyed Cador is appealing she is still very reluctant to take their mutual attraction any further.

Andrea Kane – June 2006

Cador soon woos Rosenwyn, not by his illustrious and shining reputation and career but by being himself, but they both know that he is leaving so obviously this relationship is going to go nowhere or is it? I love that initial spark of interest from each other, one single glance and boom they were unwittingly hooked by the other, I loved watching as these two lonely and untrusting people learn to love and to trust. They are made for each other, their personalities as different as very similar and they fit together like two-pieces of a jigsaw, their journey to happily ever after so beautiful.

Ms Scott woos the reader with her passionate and exquisitely written love story, I simply loved getting know Cador and Rosenwyn, this is a wonderfully engaging and richly detailed story.

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Their difference in writing complements the others perfectly. Two beautiful and heart-warming stories of second chances and finding true love at Christmas, they are simply splendid! This was a complimentary copy via the authors, which I voluntarily reviewed, thank you Marguerite and Bronwyn, apologies for how late this review is.

As Bittersweet Tapestry opens, it is the High Summer of