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It didn't happen, but Christie did end up traveling to Egypt following her graduation, which became rich fodder for her future novels. He was then sent to the Royal High School, in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he received generally poor grades. Though he was considered a mediocre student, Bell unveiled his first invention, a device to de-husk wheat, when he was Despite his poor grades, Bell went on to be a noted inventor, and held more than a dozen patents.

Her mother taught her to read when she was just 4 years old, and O'Connor was a reader all her life.

Charlotte Church faces probe amid claims of teaching children

I cut it up so that it looked like a cape," he said. Sources: MTV. Biles' grandfather decided to home school the Olympic gymnast so her education could work around her demanding training schedule. Sources: Romper , The Undefeated.

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Tebow has been an outspoken advocate for homeschooling and in released "Know Who You Are. They wanted us to be able to learn a work ethic, a dedication. What he's known for: Former college football Heisman Trophy winner. Current minor league baseball player.

Homeschooling Pros and Cons

What they're known for: Multiple grand slam tennis champions and Olympic gold medalists. Source: Town and Country. It's cool because I've realized things about myself that I wouldn't have if I weren't in school. My favorite subject is science, which is so weird because I would think that my favorite subject would be, I don't know, something more artistic.

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I only have two more years left now because I'm a sophomore. But I'm also excited to get out of school. Sources: Interview. He was also a bit of a troublemaker. He was suspended for the stunt. He spent a year being home-schooled by his mother, a year that he says gave him "a sense of autonomy that I've never really lost," he said in I hated being a kid.

I didn't like being told what to do, I didn't like my body, I didn't like any of it. Being a kid and playing and all that stuff just drove me nuts. Sources: Huffington Post , Guardian. Timberlake attended E. Jeter Elementary School in Millington, TN, until he was about 13, when his family moved to Orlando to help Justin pursue a singing career.

The album went platinum and forced Bieber to forfeit school in exchange for touring and making music. Despite touring and recording music through his teens, Bieber was able to graduate from St.

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Bieber completed his coursework online. Sources: The Hollywood Reporter. She went on to graduate from Brown University in Blake and his older brother Taylor were home-schooled by their mother for eight years before both attending Oklahoma Christian School. Blake eventually went on to the University of Oklahoma, where he played basketball and was named Big 12 Player of the Year as a sophomore.

Every month, the family spends an afternoon at the Bowery Mission helping the down-and-out. Field trips and outings with other home-schooling families are frequent. I left impressed: if home schooling is responsible, even in part, for such a seemingly happy, thriving family and bright, well-mannered children, it's a big success. T he No. Sabrina and Gary Matteson's story of their son Myles's public school woes is typical.

Several years back, Myles, bored crazy with third grade at the New Hampshire public school he attended, begged his parents to let him stay home and read more challenging books—"a request from a kid that a parent shouldn't simply ignore," says Sabrina. When the Mattesons informed the school principal that they were going to home school their son, the honest administrator couldn't blame them. Trapped in dull public school classrooms that do nothing to engage their minds, the Myleses of the world frequently tune out or become disruptive.

Even American Federation of Teachers president Sandra Feldman admits that public schools have to do more to challenge smart kids or risk losing them to home schooling. Home schoolers' misgivings about the public schools aren't just based on isolated cases. As education reformers William J. Bennett, Chester E. Finn Jr. Cribb Jr. It's a toxic brew, the authors argue, that has left only one out of three public school fourth-graders reading "proficiently," 40 percent of public school eighth-graders unable to do basic math, and public school 12th graders the worst in the industrialized world in science.

W hy not send the kids to a competitive private school? Most home-schooling families can't afford it, even when a good private school is available nearby. Weekly Standard literary editor J.

Home School vs Public School

Bottum and his wife, Lorena, have decided to home school their daughter, Faith, in part for economic reasons. But this may be to construe too negatively what for many home schoolers is an inspiring educational mission: to regain the vision of excellence that has vanished from so much of American education.

Home school vs. homeschool (vs. home-school)

Indeed, the brisk sales of Bauer and Wise's The Well-Trained Mind point to the longing of many parents to educate their kids in the great riches of the West that too many public schools value so lightly. Most of the home schoolers I encountered were learning Greek, Latin, and other serious subjects that most public schools have abandoned, and their history lessons emphasized imagination-stirring biographies of great, world-transforming men and women instead of the abstract and inhuman historical forces that so many dry-as-dust public school textbooks stress.

The rise of home schooling has sparked an explosion of marvelous curricula based on the ideal of a comprehensive liberal education.

Home is where the class is

Upstate New Yorkers Melissa and David Fischer, both Cornell grads, home school their three children, 15, 14, and 12, with the help of one such curriculum. It's a "unit" study program, provided by the evangelical Christian educational firm Konos, that organizes studies, month by month, around common themes.

Secular and Catholic firms offer equally impressive curricula. When I talked with the Fischers, they were exploring ancient Greece with Konos. After morning prayer, Melissa, who does most of the teaching, read and discussed Homer with the kids; later in the day, after math and before piano lessons, the family studied Greek history and even a bit of ancient Greek, at each child's own level.

Konos is meaty stuff, using great books, the study of languages, and intelligently designed study guides for parents. Many home-schooling parents told me that they enjoy learning along with their kids, filling in gaps in their own educations. Frequently, home-schooling parents design their own curricula. When done right, they can be imaginative and substantial. Kenneth Robinson, a lawyer by training, is one of the rare fathers who stays at home to teach his wife writes and illustrates children's books in a wing of their pleasant Ware, Massachusetts, home. His self-designed curriculum uses "the best books I think available.

Lewis's Mere Christianity are currently on the plate. Then it's time for logic. In the afternoon, Robinson and his daughter were tackling Frederick Bastiat's writings on socialism's flaws. H ome schooling, families say, allows you to tailor your educational approach to a child's interests, innate gifts, and learning style. This kind of flexibility can go too far: some in the small but growing "unschooling" wing of the home-schooling movement, inspired by s educational radicals like John Holt and Ivan Illich, think that any adult direction will crush kids' creativity, so that parents should just facilitate whatever their children want to learn, whenever they want to learn it—replicating at home the trendy folly of the "child-centered classroom.

Lisa Kander is a Michigan home-schooling mother with four kids, ranging in age from ten to year-old Beth, who now attends Brandeis University in Massachusetts on full scholarship.

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All of Kander's children read, write, and do math far above grade level. She attributes their success to home schooling's flexibility. With one child, that moment came earlier than average; with another, later. Home schooling can take much less time than classroom schooling, since you don't have to stand in line, spend an hour at recess, or wait for the slowest student in class.

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