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The hostile leaders kept questioning him about Jesus. The man who had regained his sight simply said, "One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see" John So start by sharing your own story. Tell how Jesus has changed you and forgiven your sins. Your life can show how God changes people.

And then simply invite your friend to ask Jesus Christ for salvation and forgiveness. Jesus also taught this when he sent out the disciples, saying, "The Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say" Luke In the power of the Holy Spirit, tell your story, tell God's story, and leave the results to God. Not everyone will decide to follow Christ. My biggest wish always was to get married - since childhood. So my aim was to become a good girl so that God would finally give me my treat - my husband! I always thought He might not give me a husband because I wasn't good enough.

The more I read about sins and what a good character should be like - the more I realised how far away from that "good girl" I was. So I tried and failed and tried again and failed. And things went wrong in my relationship with people in church.

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And I lost many friends. And also almost my family because they thought I was so weird - because I tried too much to change myself to become perfect. Please don't get me wrong here: God wants us to be changed - and He likes to see that we give up bad habits and lusts. Not only that He likes it - as you might know : We HAVE to change and become perfect - otherwise we will not be able to stand in the presence of God when we die.

And the consequence would be that we would have to remain away from God - which is called hell. So changing our bad characters is obviously the aim to be able to be with God one day. So - some problems are easier to solve - some habbits and especially ways of thinking are harder to change. For example: as a Catholic I had a lot of "blessed candles", rosaries, "blessed water" in little bottles and some pictures of Mary to pray to.

So I quickly knew right from wrong - and chuck those things away. I asked God to show me what else I should "clear out " in my belongings. So some CDs, records, favourite T-shirts had to go away as well. That already was a bit harder to do - but I wanted to show God that He was more important to me and that I wanted to follow His ways. So I DID a lot of things. I stopped drinking, swearing, watching movies full of cruelty, demonic influence or sex.

Or just not wasting time anymore by watching sensless shows - changing those things in my live quickly made a big difference in my spiritual and everyday life.

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But there were more deeper things that needed to get changed: like stubborness, pride, beeing right, the urge to always say what I think even IF it was right And here is the problem: Some things we can change and if we can - we should do it. And having patience with myself was always the hardest thing - and still is!

I wanted to become a good girl - and I never reached the aim! I learned scriptures of by heart, I prayed, I helped other people as a way to not focus too much on myself, I cooked and sewed and cleaned and cared for children and helped the poor and the sick - to serve and to be a good girl - because I wanted to please God. That was my first wish - to be good in Gods eyes. Later I realised that through that way I kind of wanted to BUY that God will be pleased with me - and to be a good girl in people's eyes could be very flattering as well.

And also that everyone likes me and that they might see how worthy I would finally be to get married! And I tell you: I never reached the aim!

How to Find God: The Five Ways

All my character bugs came up again and again. And I even had the impression that it gets worse from year to year. I realised that even serving others can be a selfish deed. And I got more and more desperate and thought I will end up in hell because I am not able to change.

And you know what? Because Jesus did that for me. He already died for me to pay for all my sins.

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Jesus was the offer - I don't have to offer anything anymore! I am free of guilt and the urge to DO things to be good. I figured out: the more I focus on Him - the less I freak out ; stubborness, pride, anger, jealousy etc.

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Always ask God first! And if it seems to you that you can't understand Him - ask Him to send you the right people so that you can talk to them about Him. Ask Him what HE wants you to change. Then ask Him what YOU are able to change. And then DO it!

Day by day - maybe each hour one step. Whenever you have time. Sometimes I am so busy at work or so destracted from my own thoughts that I even pray that He should remind me of asking for His will. Sounds a bit unusual - but it works! I often pray in the morning that I want to be used by Him, but that I need His help - because I am too weak, to selfish etc. An when I speak help me to listen to that little voice and to say the right words" That became very important to me.

How often I remembered "yes - I had the thought God should be first, but we should also find people to help us and to encourrage us. Pray that God leads you to the church where He thinks you can grow spiritually. There you can ask for advice as well. If you are addicted to something drugs, sex, work, He will not leave you alone with your problems and fears. But you have to ask. Go to a church God shows you. Have the courrage to ask God for special things - maybe: "Please let me meet a man, older than me, whom I can talk to.

He should come towards me and he should start talking. He should invite me for a walk or a coffee or a steak Have a try! Challenge God! He loves you!

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He is happy like a good father when the child comes running towards him. He wants to reward you and to see you getting better and happier. You obviousely know your sins and weaknesses. God knows them anyway. He already died for YOU! Cry to Him - no matter how "dirty" you feel or how angry you are. It doesn't matter. His love is so much bigger than we think - you will see. I pray that God works in your heart - so that your heart will not harden - and that you are still able to turn to Him. Skip to main content.

Contact Us. Search form. Teresa - Rome, Italy. I saw no sense in existing in such a corrupt and crazy world. Take the risk - and ask God to show you that He is real!