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The Engaging One. Access the complete album info 33 songs. Couperin: Suites for Harpsichord Nos. Access the complete album info 22 songs. Rondo alla Turca. The Harmonious Blacksmith. Le Rappel des Oiseaux. Musette en Rondeau. Musette de Choisi - Musette de Taverni. Access the complete album info 11 songs. A March-Jig Maguire's Kick. For Percy Grainger. A Slow Dance. A Leprechaun's Dance. A Reel. Cherry Ripe. Allegro giocoso. Allegro scherzoso. Music of Alan Rawsthorne for Violin and Piano. Four Bagatelles - Allegro. Access the complete album info 15 songs. Tower Hill, FVB The Organ at Adlington Hall.

Salve Regina. Upon La Mi Re.

Livre No. 4, 22e Ordre: No. 1, Le Trophée

Access the complete album info 23 songs. Tzu-Yeh Songs.


Songs and Piano Music by Alan Rawsthorne. Infant Joy. Je suis un petit poupon. Fais do-do Pierrot. Away Delights. God Lyaeus. Access the complete album info 25 songs. Maestoso assai. Andantino, molto tranquillo. Andante con moto. Allegro scherzando. Largo maestoso. Allegro piacevole. Allegro agitato. Lilacs in the Rain. Dresden Dream. Sunny Serenade. June Night on Marlow Beach. Money Spider. Melody at Dusk. Access the complete album info 18 songs. Access the complete album info 14 songs.

The Organs at Heaton Hall, Manchester. Access the complete album info 20 songs. Suite in A minor - major: Prelude. Jean-Philippe Rameau. Like most remarkable composers he was inimitable, possessed of a distinctive voice which renovated every aspect of the classical tonal tradition in which he worked, a voice and sound too dangerous to imitate. The extent of his influence might nevertheless be taken up as an indication of his stature. Probably no subsequent British composer can have been entirely unaffected by his life and work, if not at a musical then at an organizational and operational level.

He is a key figure in the growth of British musical culture in the second half of the 20th century, and his effect on everything from opera to the revitalization of music education is hard to overestimate. And in Britain and beyond, he continues to be a model for composers interested in the goals of communication, accessibility and social function.

Britten was in most respects an exceptionally aware composer; the areas in which that awareness failed are therefore all the more telling. This leaves the purposely ambivalent portrayal of the Governess in The Turn of the Screw as the chief contribution to gender variation in the operas the fearsome group of female characters in Owen Wingrave would need special pleading under any circumstances.

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His political commitment, begun under the tutelage of Auden and Isherwood and developed through contact with Forster and others, stems from a complicated sense of himself as a homosexual. Along the lines of interwar homosexual pacifist ideals, Brett has argued, it placed personal relations above allegiance to institutions; it put the individual before society; it tended to show institutions such as the law, the military and the church as hypocritical, unjust or simply evil; it favoured erotic relations over marriage; it portrayed the patriarchal family as shallow and oppressive; it passionately argued justice for the victim and the victimized; and it presented the difficulty of homoerotic relations as a legacy of this society see Brett, D, p.

It may be that North America taught Britten that to work for centrality at home would ultimately be more artistically and therefore politically effective than marginality abroad — as a means of articulating a message to society from that margin where Britten, at least, always imagined he lived. This line he maintained in his work rather than his life, where he acted out a role of charm and compliance laced with occasional brutality. If in life he was less discerning than Forster, his achievement as an artist makes interesting counterpoint with that of the novelist who never specifically addressed the persecution of his own kind until Maurice , which appeared posthumously.

Britten reception, scholarship and criticism provides an avenue for exploring signs of his ultimate valuation. His financial success made possible the founding of several monuments to him and Pears in the Aldeburgh area, including a library at the Red House where the autographs, sketches and papers were long kept. As of the Britten centenary in , this has grown into a set of public exhibitions at the Red House and a new Archive Centre.

The Britten-Pears Foundation and a circle of scholars working closely with it have made available an enormous amount of documentary material, from published letters and diaries to the photographs, sketches, programmes and other material now available online. One could argue that issues of sexuality have been incorporated into much critical discourse on Britten. Since the late s, a steady stream of biographical studies has followed, in multiple languages and from many different points of view. Musical analysis has been prominent in Britten criticism from the start as represented by the distinguished work of Stein and Keller, for example.

Arnold Whittall has extended this tradition, while a new generation of theorists has explored approaches from tonal and Schenkerian analysis to utterance theory Rupprecht, D Meanwhile, the modes of criticism have diversified in other ways. Sketch studies and source studies continue to be central, thanks largely to the efforts of the Britten-Pears Foundation.

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  2. Islam, Christianity and African Identity.
  3. The Urging of Christs Love;
  4. Recent re-evaluations of modernism have allowed Britten a less marginalized position in the historiography of 20th-century music, however, while lessening anxieties about the nature of his contribution. As his works are re-interpreted in rapidly expanding scholarship and on operatic and concert stages around the world, they display a continuing vitality, richness and relevance. Even long-ignored works, such as Paul Bunyan and Gloriana , have received new attention. If Britten might be said to speak from the margins, from another perspective, his contribution may be less oppositional in nature.

    His music is revealing in part for the ways it negotiates the contradictions of modernism and midth-century modernity: finding a middle ground between communication and exploration and between tradition and the new, and responding in sophicated ways to its political and cultural moment. The Fairy Queen, z , ed. Pears, Britten and I. Coal Face verse: W. Auden, M.

    Francois Couperin

    GPO producer Cavalcanti, animator L. Reiniger, [see also choral , Rossini Suite]. Night Mail J. Grierson, Watt, B. Wright; verse: Auden , spkr, fl, ob, bn, tpt, perc, vn, va, vc, db, Nov —Jan [rec. Watt, Wright, sound dir. Cavalcanti, [see instrumental ensemble ].

    Beethoven's Wig, Vol. 3: Many More Sing-Along Symphonies

    Travel and Industrial Development Association, dir. Spice, M. Grierson, [see orchestral , Irish Reel]. Love from a Stranger F. Marion, adapted from play by F. Vosper, after A. Christie: Philomel Cottage , orch, Nov [rec. Lee, [feature film; for pubd version, see Arrangements by others of Britten works].

    Listen to Beethoven's Wig 3: Many More Sing Along Symphonies now.

    GPO, dir. Cavalcanti, R.

    Crown Film Unit, producer A.