Ghosts of Iowa: The Haunted Locations of Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Dubuque, Iowa City and Waterloo

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The light flashed right behind two students who witnessed it in the mirror and disappeared before they could turn around. Before the flash there was a spark of electricity on the faucet when one of the students reached for it. This school is over years old and there are at least 4 deaths. It is now the city school bus barn. When the National Guard was in the building soldiers who worked full time and were in there after hours reported hearing the clip clop of horses hooves and the jingle of harnesses off the small drill floor where the stables were.

They also would catch glimpses of an older man dressed in an old cavalry uniform in the long back hall that only had a small light bulb at each end of it. They were not fanciful people who seen and heard these things. They were hardworking soldiers with their heads on straight who would never in a million years make up things like that. Rumor has it that on occasion a nun would become pregnant, with the pregnancy resulting in mis-carriage.

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These babies were buried in unmarked graves on the Monastery grounds, where the mall stands today. My grandfather used to drive an ice cream truck, and would deliver to the Monastery, and witnessed one of the nuns nursing feeding an infant in the kitchen of the Monastery. In present day, the Merle Hay Tower is said to be haunted by a figure wearing a very old style habit, who cries as she carries a dead child.

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People who have offices in the Tower report an elevator that moves between floors with no one aboard late at night. When the elevator stops, footsteps can be heard, but when the sounds are investigated, no one is around. Cold spots are frequent and a feeling of being watched when alone is also reported. Others report hearing someone walk into an office and when they turn around, no one is there.

Des Moines - Saydel High School - there is a little girl that sings around the hallways at night. Des Moines - Terrace Hill - There have been witnesses who have seen a transparent little girl, eyes in pictures following them and many other things. In the middle of the elevator which is code activated goes up and down and opens. Des Moines - Weaver House - this house has a table the seems to be haunted. The top floor of the dormitory and the chapel is said to be haunted by the ghost of the school's founder Mary Frances Clarke.

Students have accounted for unexplained footsteps in the hallway, the feeling of being watched and a shrouded figure near the chapel. Mary Benedict Hall, built in , is also haunted by spirits of past students and the founding sister's of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Student's have reported seeing books and tickets being tossed from the shelving units, a shrouded figure in the hallway on the 3rd floor west wing , water running in bath on 3rd floor west wing restroom in middle of night, and unexplained footsteps in the tunnel connecting Mary Benedict and Mary Josita halls.

Dubuque - Fischer Building - The Fischer Building was originally 8 stories tall, built in downtown Dubuque in the mid 19th century, about 50 years before the "first" skyscraper was built in Chicago.? With a steel addition to the top of the building, it is now 9 stories tall with another smaller building on top. There are two reported "hauntings" in the Fischer Building. In the basement, in the offices of the maintenance staff, there is a tall man that walks from one room, a short distance through a larger room to the next room.?

Many people have reported him walking in the same direction, and he has been seen only from the back. On the fourth floor, in the northwest hallway, there is a well dressed woman, wearing a dress, fur and high heels that appears near the center of the building and walks north, turns to the right and goes in the last doorway.? Her style of dress suggests she is from the s or s.? Some people report that she opens the door and enters the last office, even though the door is locked.?

Dubuque - Grand Opera House - voices , footsteps and apparitions are present here. It was once a large private residence, but is now a museum.

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People have experienced classic encounters such as cold breezes, strange voices and chills running down people's spines. Several of the caretakers have reported objects mysteriously out of place and lights flickering. There have even been reports of eerie cries coming from the servant's house, the master bedroom, and the nursery.

Dubuque - The Saul House - In a 14 year old boy killed himself with a knife in his home. And the people that have moved in have said that knifes have been lying in an x on the exact spot he killed himself. Things randomly fall off the walls, a little girl in a blue dress has been seen, also an old man.? There is a reflection of a person standing over the desk when nobody is standing there.? One of the bedrooms is haunted; girls have reported having their hair pulled by something under the bed. Closet door handles rattle, locked closets have opened on their own. The second floor east room is a cross roads.

The straight point in front lawn most east north has been used for magic rituals. The people that ran the motel lived in a house across the road for a while, then the motel was demolished but the drive way is still there. Sometimes an old man in a plaid shirt and chino slacks walks along the old drive way and stops 5 or 6 times like he is checking doors. The house across the street where the people lived was still standing in and they were renovating it. Estherville - Oak Hill - its a cemetery and there is this hill that is haunted.

The story is that a car full of football players were going to their game and their car stalled on this very hill. So they all got out and started to push the car up this hill then a car came around this bend and didn? All of the players died. People say that if you put your car in neutral between these 2 markers you will go uphill because the football players push you up the hill because they don?

Another story is that two children who lived in the nearby mansion were playing in the road when they were run over and killed. When your car moves, it is the children pushing it off of them. Anyway, the going up hill sensation is caused by an optical illusion. For this to work, you must be headed downhill. In the place where you stop, the road levels off and appears to go up in comparison to the rest of the road. If you go down the hill and around the curve and look back, you will realize that the entire road does indeed go down hill.

These 10 creepy Iowa ghost stories will give you goosebumps

Floyd - Charles City - Ioron Hill - Back on the new walking trail is the site where a train wreck happened. Fort Dodge - Bannwell bridge - there is a bridge a few miles south west of clare. Fort Dodge - Phillips Middle School - The school is supposedly haunted by a young boy who drowned in the pool. The boy has been sited peeking around corners and playing jokes on people. Also at night you can see a red glow and the smell of fire because of the alleged grease fire that happened in the home-ec room several years ago.

Fort Dodge - Hawkeye Theater - You always feel like someone is watching you. Whenever you are in a room by yourself, you are physically abused by an 'invisible hand'. Reports of a transparent little girl. IL Fort Dodge - terror bridge - It has been said that a woman threw 3 of her 4 children off the bridge while a train was coming one of the 4 got away when you drive over the bridge at midnight your car will shutoff till your over the bridge and by her house where she hung herself and burnt down. It is truly terrifying.

Solitary confinement area: Guards refuse to go to the end of the corridor at night. Inmates have experienced cold spots, heard unexplainable moaning and chains clanking, seen apparitions and have been choked or physically attacked while alone in their 8x5 or smaller locked cell. Mostly its been the typical kitchen cabinets opening and shutting for no reason along with cold spots and the feeling of an unseen presence. Its an old small house I bought a few years ago that was built before If I tell whatever-it-is to knock it off and go away things seem to calm down for awhile.

Grinnell - Grinnell College - according to an article in the Des Moines Register, there is an old wheelchair on the stage of the performing arts bldg. The students think it?

Guthrie Center - Cemetery - When going east out of Guthrie Center there is a cemetery to the left of you. In this cemetery is a gravestone shaped like a chair. This chair has been named "The Devil's Chair" it is said if you sit in it something bad will happen to you. My neighbor sat in it one night and two days later discovered he needed to have open heart surgery.

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Don't sit in this chair or you'll be sorry but if you do sit in it you're very brave, good for you!!! Hamburg - Catholic Cemetery - Occasional sightings of a woman figure have been seen kneeling at the feet of the three Virgin Mary statues. Some have reported hearing wailing from the statues themselves. Hardin - Eagle City - Eagle City Park - There are people that go to the park and worship the devil and chase you away if you try to watch them.

There are rope that are in a barn at the park that are used to hang people at least it looks like that is what they are for. Also there is blood all over the ground in the barn. Independence - Buchanan County Court House - A man was hung sometime in the late 's to the early 's there, but when they did his neck didn?

Now he is supposed to haunt the building at night, walking around the building. He isn't a very credible person though. She was apparently walking from the third floor when she tripped, broke her neck during the fall, and died instantly. On every Friday the 13th, it is said you can see her reflection or "shadow" in the third floor window while stepping on the college seal exactly at midnight.

She is also said to watch people and strange lights in connection with this statue. In there with the Black Angel is a small statue of a girl that is set up on a column. If you walk under her and around her she will pick out someone in your group and stare at them until they leave.


Also the closer you get to the little girl statue the warmer it gets. The farther you get the colder it gets. Iowa City - University of Iowa - Currier Hall - According to rumor, a triple suicide occurred on the fourth floor when three dorm mates found themselves to be in love with the same man. They reappear to bickering roommates in order to promote friendship and harmony. There has also been a sighting of an older man on the E's section of the building.

This stern-faced man is the father of a former tenant of Currier Hall. Iowa City - Slater Hall - Floor 9 - Legend has it that a young student jumped to his death from the ninth floor.