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All the while she dreams Brandon might somehow become more like those men, taking what he wants and treating her tits to the torture she needs. Then, one afternoon, Brandon catches her masturbating to the words of her latest Master.


In that moment, she learns he has been following her on-line exploits for some time and the Brandon she knew becomes the Brandon she wants. But, as her breasts actually become playthings for someone more than willing to abuse them, she finds herself wondering between groans how much of those dark fantasies her tits can really take. In the half-year since they met, she has learned to enjoy things she never even knew existed, and to take the most delight in his sadistic obsession with tormenting her breasts.

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But a recent move to urban living has cramped their style and left them both desperate for a chance to really play. When they finally get that chance, what starts as a romantic scene in the secluded countryside quickly changes to something else. Once she is stripped and helpless, he treats her to the kinds of sadistic punishment he has always wanted to do.

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